Martha Mamo

Dr. Mamo is one of the talented faculty that work with the Doctor of Plant Health program!

Market Journal - Hailng Corn

On Market Journal today (July 24, 2015) Justin McMechan, UNL Ph.D. and Doctor of Plant Health Program graduate student, explains how manually hailing corn might provide better information about how plants recover from hail damage.

Forestry Webinar Today - July 23, 2015

Shared by our friend, Eric Berg, with the Nebraska Forest Service. This webinar might be of interest to many of you...

A Boston Garden - Red Sox grow vegetables on rooftop at Fenway Park

July 7, 2015 editorial in Omaha World Herald newspaper

In the July 7 2015 issue of the Omaha World Herald newspaper

Tearing Down Ivory Towers

One of our DPH students, Josh Miller shared this article from the March 2015 issue of CSA News.  Josh thought it was relevant to the careers DPH students will take on upon graduation.
Title of the article is "Tearing down the ivory towers", this sentence had great impact: "...If you only had 30 seconds on the tailgate of a truck between two corn fields could you explain to a farmer what you do and how it impacts them? For most of us involved in agriculture, farmers are the primary stakeholders..."
Who are your stakeholders?

USDA's where careers are growing!

Read the May 11, 2015 news release quoting Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack sharing a new report showing tremendous demand for recent college graduates with a degree in agricultural programs. 
The report also notes there is an average of 35,400 new U.S. graduates with a bachelor's degree or higher in agriculture related fields, 22,500 short of the jobs available annually.  A Doctor of Plant Health degree will give you the knowledge to set yourself apart when searching for your career.