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article featuring Josh Miller, DPH and Plant Pathology studentJosh Miller Soybean Mgmt Field Day June 2016

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May 2016 Graduates!

Congratulations to Greg Brittain, Kevin Korus, Justin McMechan and Derek Pruitt upon receiving their DPH degrees on May 6th!

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Steve Harvey, "What I Learned on a Farm

Celebrity Steve Harvey shares memories of growing up on the farm and lessons he learned about where his food comes from in this video.  Shared by UNL's Friday CAST Notes

ASA Journal Book Review

by Dr. Chuck Francis and Joshua Miller, Ph.D. and DPH graduate student

Plant Pathology Professor Emeritus, Anne Vidaver...

shares her thoughts on Doctor of Plant Health students... "As a founding faculty of the DPH program, I believe  ever more strongly that this program is needed in multiple areas in the public and private sector. This need is because specialists focus on less and less, with employers frustrated with lack of general knowledge by current and prospective employees. Students are and should expect to be in fulfilling and unusual careers."

Dr. Ellen Paparozzi, Professor of Horticulture shares...

...what she enjoys about working/teaching/advising DPH students?
"The thing I enjoy most about working with our DPH students is the opportunity to interact with them as they integrate their knowledge across horticultural and agricultural science Plants are complex and one size does not fit all! Being able to critically review factors affecting growth and development and diagnose solutions to complex problems is what plant health is all about…"

Dr. Chuck Francis (Agronomy & Horticulture) on what he enjoys about...

... working/advising Doctor of Plant Health students: "It is both challenging and rewarding to work with the DPH students because of their obvious talent, broad perspective on agricultural systems, and motivation to make practical contributions to future food supply. They have been active participants in the agroecology class, bringing in a wide appreciation of how to identify and solve pest and nutrient problems in crops, and a willingness to share their expertise with others. This is a landmark program that is preparing graduates very well to face a complex and uncertain future in agriculture, especially in seeking out the most environmentally safe solutions to pests  and soil nutrition challenges."