New DPH Student Brett Lynn

Brett Lynn is an agronomist that enjoys partnering with growers to find practical agronomic solutions that can be implemented at the farm-level. Brett believes in leveraging interdisciplinary knowledge coupled with practical experience to ensure producers remain profitable while reducing their environmental footprint. The desire to bolster his interdisciplinary knowledge drew Brett to the Doctor of Plant Health (DPH) in Fall 2019.

Prior to embarking in the DPH program Brett received his B.S. (2016) and M.S. (2019) in Agronomy from Kansas State University. During his B.S. he interned with Crop Production Services and WinField Solutions. He also worked for Monsanto/Bayer Crop Science while completing his M.S. Additionally, Brett has been a Certified Crop Advisor (CCA) since 2017.

Brett is always seeking opportunities to collaborate with companies and growers that embrace innovation. Following the DPH program Brett intends to work in production agronomy and/or consultation. The best way to contact Brett is via email:

New DPH Student Ali Loker

Ali grew up in Madison, Wisconsin and received her B.S. in Community and Environmental Sociology, with a certificate in Global Health, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2012. Her degree allowed her to take a variety of plant science courses alongside sociology courses, to provide a well-rounded perspective of how people interact with their food system. Ali has production experience from a variety of organic vegetable farms and a small scale goat dairy. Most recently, she worked for the IPM Institute of North America as a project manager, where she collaborated with food retailers to develop and implement sustainability programs for their supply chains. It was through this work that Ali developed the desire to expand and deepen her technical background through the DPH program. 
"I am honored to be part of the DPH program and have the opportunity to gain the breadth and depth of knowledge the program offers. I was attracted to the DPH because of the interdisciplinary nature and emphasis on practical application. I see the need for many individuals with this type of understanding to effectively collaborate with others to solve the world's most pressing issues, like food stability and climate change. I believe the DPH will give me a strong foundation to help increase the resiliency of agricultural systems after graduation."

Fall 2019!

Excited to have the students back on campus! To all the new students, welcome to UNL!!

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Dr. Lee Briese

Dr. Lee Briese - Final Seminar

April 10th, 2019 - Final DPH Seminar, Dr. Lee Briese                                                                                                      

Science Communication in Agriculture: The Role of the Trusted Adviser

Odonata Libellulidae Erythemis simplicicollis pencil drawing by Aaron Sedivy

DPH Newsletter - July 2019

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Doctor of Plant Health Newsletter - July 2019

Jacob Nikodym

Summer 2019 Internship - Jacob Nikodym

Jacob is working at Midwest Research, Inc. in York, Nebraska. He is gaining experience in all technical aspects of conducting applied research, the application of ARM for data collection and analysis, and the practices and complications associated with research requiring the use of GLP. He is assisting with establishing and maintaining trial areas, collecting trial data and samples, and monitoring trials for changes.


Lindsay Overmyer measuring a field

Summer 2019 Internship - Lindsay Overmyer

Lindsay is working in North Dakota with DPH alumnus, Lee Briese. She is doing field assessment and construction of management recommendations, diagnosis of biotic and biotic problems in the field, expanding her knowledge of pesticide use and application and developing science-based educational videos for farmers. She will also be collecting field observations, quantifying and assessing crop health, and learning route planning and time management.

Lindsay Overmyer checking paperwork   A crop root   Lindsay Overmyer on a four wheeler

Emily Stine working with AV equipment

Summer 2019 Internship - Emily Stine

Emily is working at UNL’s Panhandle Research and Extension Center in Scottsbluff. Her focus this summer is on developing a science communication media campaign. The campaign hopes to take scientific and technical information and translate it into actionable and comprehensive statements for the public. She will work with current production techniques to produce videos and podcasts for UNL Extension.

 Emily Stine working with AV equipment   Emily Stine drawing schematics

Amy Hauver using a microscope

Summer 2019 Internship - Amy Hauver

Amy is working with DPH alumnus, Justin McMechan, with his UNL extension and research work with the soybean gall midge. Amy helps to create extension publications, videos, and articles. She is learning to develop agronomic solutions and deliver those solutions and management strategies to growers and record weed species that are present at soybean gall midge field locations.

Amy is also experiencing different techniques and strategies involved in designing and implementing entomological research, assist other graduate students with their data collection and field work, and investigate the relationships between soybean gall midge, plants, and abiotic factors.

Amy Hauver holding a flower pot   Amy Hauver inspecting seeds   Amy Hauver inspecting plants in a greenhouse   Amy Hauver in a cornfield

Dr. Lee Briese (photo credit - Craig Chandler)

Dr. Lee Briese

Dr. Lee Briese

Final DPH Seminar

Science Communication in Agriculture: the Role of the Trusted Adviser

You can watch it here:

(photo credit: Craig Chandler - UNL Office of University Communication)