Location, Funding, Fellowship Opportunities

Lincoln is that ideal place where life is exciting, with big-city features and offerings are at your fingertips, but where the peaceful, small-town way of life is not lost. Access this link to learn more about living in Lincoln.

We know that having adequate financial support is key to securing your future. To learn about fellowship opportunities within the DPH program access our Fellowships link or contact our Director, Dr. Jeff Bradshaw at 402-472-3345 or email at dph@unl.edu. For other support available through the University access the link Sources of External Funding.

You'll also want to check out the Graduate Student Association which offers a place to network and to have a voice in improving graduate education on campus.

The University of Nebraska–Lincoln values diversity. Access Diversity to explore UNL's approach to diversity in graduate education.

The DPH program is currently developing a comprehensive bulletin for DPH students. Many of the academic policies and guidelines for the DPH program will be similar to those for Graduate Studies. These, along with the course descriptions and other information are found in the Graduate Studies Bulletin. the dynamic bulletin found here will be changing periodically throughout the year as needed for updating policies, faculty and curriculum. Click on this link to access previously published bulletins.