DPH Graduate Student
Jacob Nikodym

Jacob Nikodym earned his undergraduate degree in Agronomy from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in May 2017, and he wanted to continue to further his education in plant science and plant protection through the DPH program.

Jacob grew up on a family farm near the small town of Red Cloud, Nebraska. As a result, he always loved the agricultural industry and he also discovered in high school that he enjoyed science and experimentation. Upon coming to college, Jacob decided to combine these two interests, taking a very science-focused course load while pursuing his undergraduate Agronomy degree. As such, he was able to participate in a number of experiences that allowed him to get experience in applied crop protection research throughout his undergraduate career.

Professionally, Jacob hopes to take part in crop protection research, hoping to develop new products that will allow the agricultural industry to continue to grow. He has specific interests in weed science and plant pathology and he also hopes to help educate producers in how to utilize newly developed technologies in order to maximize their productivity and resource efficiency.

Jacob stated: “The Doctor of Plant Health program will help me to meet these goals by giving me a well­rounded education in the varied fields of plant protection. With the interconnected nature of the various facets of plant growth, it is necessary to have an understanding of all of these fields. In addition, I hope that this program will give me experiences in communicating knowledge of the industry with peers and others that will allow me to be more prepared upon entering the workforce to interact with producers and the public in order to educate them about new advances”.

Link to Jacob's CV/Resume