DPH Graduate Student
Callie (Meyer) Braley

Callie (Meyer) Braley received her B.S. in Agronomy (2017) from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Callie started the DPH program in January 2018. 

Callie grew up on small farm near the tiny town of Brule, Nebraska and because of that she has been surrounded by agriculture her entire life. Because of her background, she gained an interest in pursuing a career in agriculture.

"This field has changed dramatically since I was young, and continues to change very rapidly. From self­ driving equipment to drones to variable rate technologies, the ways of optimizing agricultural production has advanced so much. And with needs for increased production globally, it is no wonder that producers, researchers, and agriculturalists must make the most out of our finite land area and resources and take advantage of these technologies. I, for one, would love to be a part of this ever-changing industry to help do my part to improve it. I've thought about working for a seed or chemical company or becoming an independent agronomist; all l know for sure is that I want to gain a great deal of knowledge about plants, to work with them and make them better, and to maximize their potential while helping people make a profit not just in the short-term, but for years to come. It is for these reasons that I wanted to be a part of the Doctor of Plant Health program. With the DPH program combining plant science, soil science, weed science, entomology, and plant pathology, I believe that I will graduate from this program ready to take on any problem my career would throw at me."

Link to Callie's CV/Resume