Ali Loker
Ali grew up in Madison, Wisconsin and received her B.S. in Community and Environmental Sociology, with a certificate in Global Health, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2012. Her degree allowed her to take a variety of plant science courses alongside sociology courses, to provide a well-rounded perspective of how people interact with their food system. Ali has production experience from a variety of organic vegetable farms and a small scale goat dairy. Most recently, she worked for the IPM Institute of North America as a project manager, where she collaborated with food retailers to develop and implement sustainability programs for their supply chains. It was through this work that Ali developed the desire to expand and deepen her technical background through the DPH program. 
"I am honored to be part of the DPH program and have the opportunity to gain the breadth and depth of knowledge the program offers. I was attracted to the DPH because of the interdisciplinary nature and emphasis on practical application. I see the need for many individuals with this type of understanding to effectively collaborate with others to solve the world's most pressing issues, like food stability and climate change. I believe the DPH will give me a strong foundation to help increase the resiliency of agricultural systems after graduation."
Ali's Resume