DPH Graduate Student
Aaron Sedivy

Aaron Sedivy received his B.S. in Horticulture-Plant Science (2010) from the University of Nebraska–Lincoln. Upon graduation, Aaron worked for the Denver Botanic Gardens, employed as a horticulturist on the "tropicals" team. Aaron believes his Plant Science degree was the ideal precursor to the DPH program because "...it focused on the study of plant systems rather than a specialized area of horticulture, allowing for unmatched flexibility within the field". Plants are not all the same, but with a knowledge of plant systems, one can read any plant and know what it needs to thrive".

Aaron says he has built relationships with people form all across the world, especially with his involvement with the Bromeliad Society International.  Through his relationship, Aaron developed a seed propagation system for epiphytes that is used by several home enthusiats, botanic gardens, colleges and universities in the U.S.  In particular, this system is being used to propagate native Tillandsia species of Florida that are endangered due to an invasive weevil.

Aaron's career goals include working with a world agriculture agency, such as CGIAR or an associated foundation; companies who mission is very much like the Doctor of Plant Health"...to diagnose and solve plant health problems and to develop integrated plant and pest management systems that maximize the system's economic, environmental, and social sustainability".

Link to Aaron's CV/Resume