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About the DPH program:  DPH graduates have a broad core of interdisciplinary knowledge that enables them to address challenges affecting growth and production of plants.

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Welcome to the Doctor of Plant Health (DPH) website!     

The world critically needs more sustainable production systems for food, fuel, fiber and landscapes. The DPH program is a professional program that offers an exciting opportunity to those who want to make a difference in these production systems.

The DPH program is only the second of its kind in the US. It was established as a result of input from a broad spectrum of employers who strongly support the need for this professional training. Graduates from the program will be in great demand in a broad job market. We are excited to be involved in educating students who will have great potential to contribute to these critical needs worldwide.

If you are planning to register for graduate classes, this has involved a lot of thought on your part. Please take a few more minutes and explore our website and watch our video. We invite you to contact us and tell us about your goals and what you'd like to pursue as a career. We would appreciate the opportunity to share how a Doctor of Plant Health degree will provide you the future you're hoping for.


From Weekly (Jan 7, 2015) - Eight Reasons Why Ag Careers are Needed More than Ever

Read the latest edition (May 2014) of The DPH Practitioner, our newsletter about the DPH program. 

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Call 402-472-3365 or come by the DPH offices at 279E Plant Sciences Hall.  We can arrange a time for you to visit with the program Director, Dr. Gary L. Hein.  Or send him an email at

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Notice... don't forget about Student Health Insurance

As a DPH student we encourage you to consider enrolling for health insurance coverage.  If you are enrolled for 3 or more credit hours, you are eligible to sign up for health insurance in MyRed.  If you are enrolled for less than 3 credit hours, please go directly to the Health Center.  Details about coverage, eligiblity and costs are availabe at this link:

NOTE: Graduate assistants that have the health insurance benefit with their appointments and international students *do not* have to sign up for health insurance.