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The world critically needs more sustainable production systems for food, fuel, fiber and landscapes.  The Doctor of Plant Health (DPH) program is a professional program that offers an exciting opportunity to those who want to be leaders and make a difference in these productions systems. Graduates from the program are in high demand... we are experiencing 100% employment upon graduation!


Be sure to check this out from UNL Extension!

The exhibit will be open year-round and Nebraska Extension Educator, Beth Janning will be onsite to provide agricultural literacy education to visitors

Martha Mamo

Dr. Mamo is one of the talented faculty that work with the Doctor of Plant Health program!

Market Journal - Hailng Corn

On Market Journal today (July 24, 2015) Justin McMechan, UNL Ph.D. and Doctor of Plant Health Program graduate student, explains how manually hailing corn might provide better information about how plants recover from hail damage.