National Needs Fellowships

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National Needs Fellowship

The Doctor of Plant Health (DPH) program at the University of Nebraska–Lincoln has three National Needs Fellowship fellows focusing on stewarding pest management technologies to avoid negative interactions between management tactics and other crop management strategies. Resistance management requires greater understanding of the entire agricultural system, and as such, the interdisciplinary emphasis of the DPH program provides a unique opportunity for these fellows to address this critical issue.

Currently, the NNF Fellows are completing a series of on-line educational modules explaining the importance of genetics to the development of pesticide resistance. They are also pursuing a series of educational modules in each of the disciplinary areas (diseases, insects, weeds) that address the development and management of resistance.

Current National Needs Fellows

DPH Student, Amy Hauver                   DPH Student, Jacob Nikodym                    DPH Student, Callie Braley

                        Amy Hauver                                                        Jacob Nikodym                                                         Callie Braley

Doctor of plant health
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