DPH Graduate Student
Adam Striegel

Adam Striegel received his B.S. in Agronomy (2016) from Iowa State University, Ames.    Adam grew up on a family farm in southeast Iowa, where his family produces corn and soybeans in addition to raising cattle, poultry and sheep. Adam's early childhood experiences working on our family farm instilled a deep love of agriculture that grew over the years and has manifested itself in directing his career plan. 

Adam interest in the Doctor of Plant Health program is due to the breadth and depth of the educational and professional experience it provides its students.  Adams said "After reviewing the curriculum and discussing the program with Dr. Hein and students in the program, I believe the Doctor of Plant Health is the right choice for me due to its uniqueness. I have considered various graduate school programs at other universities, but I have always found the programs offered to be lacking in scope. I am very interested in Weed Science, Plant Pathology, Soil Science and Entomology, but I know I wouldn't want to ONLY studying one very specific and lasered-in aspect of one of those disciplines, when I have interest in all of them. The DPH program will provid me a opportunity to study all the facets of plant health."

"What I wish to take away from graduate school is a wealth of knowledge and understanding of the complex agronomic world in which we live in. I want to conduct meaningful, useful research that can be used to improve producers' methods in our endless mission to feed an ever-growing population using an ever-decreasing amount of inputs. I want to walk away from my collegiate experience with an understanding of EVERY puzzle piece that makes up the jigsaw puzzle that is Agronomy, not just holding one of the corner pieces. The complexity of plants excites me and makes me want to understand more. I truly believe the Doctor of Plant Health program is the right fit for me."... Adam Striegel, DPH Graduate Student

Link to Adam's CV/Resume